Project vision

To Prepare American Huguenot Descendants for a New Anointing
The second pillar of the spiritual bridge between France and the United States: on American soil
Through the understanding of the spiritual work accomplished by the French Huguenots, who were refugees to North America starting in the 17th century, we have this vision as a target: to help rekindle the fire within the Huguenot descendants in the United States.
On both sides of the Atlantic and for many centuries, the Huguenot’s flame of faith has warmed the hearts of our ancestors. Today, we are working toward a rediscovery of the faith and commitment of the Huguenots and to build a spiritual bridge between America and France.
We chose to build this bridge through the construction of two pillars, one in France and one in the United States: a French project as well as an American one. For the United States, we have given ourselves the following means and objectives:
The American Pillar Objectives:
  • To rekindle the Huguenot flame and transmit to the younger generation the heritage of their faith.
  • To work for the healing and restoration of broken walls according to the promises of Isaiah 58:12
  • To start bringing the French “fathers” and their American “sons” together
  • Through visiting Christian assemblies
  • Through the organization of meetings and conferences
  • Working with ministries that are aware of and reflect the Huguenot legacy
  • Working to create places dedicated to restoration
  • Welcoming French ministries and projects
An historic basis:
A geographic action zone has been formed to start this work in the following 7 states: Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. These places were marked in early times by the exiled Huguenots and their descendants.
To note:
The Huguenots lived this exile in much the same way as the Jewish people who were dispersed throughout the nations during many centuries. This is, therefore, a work of healing and restoration which contains these two aspects: reparation and consolation.
The Key Point of the Vision
We have received the vision of a spiritual bridge between our two nations “separated by water, but united by the same flame.” Already the first pillar of this bridge has been established in France through the Association AFADH, founded in La Rochelle. The mission is to create the second pillar of the bridge on American soil, by seeking out and building up the spiritual reconnection of the Huguenot descendants; to call back into life the roots of faith of our fathers.
This vision implies the return of French mothers and fathers to the United States to live this out. We have the task of bringing the blessing of our fathers and of restoring the abandoned promises, in an echo of Isaiah 58:12 “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”
Practical application:
God speaks of redeeming history and time. French Huguenot descendants want to redeem history by walking again the path of the exiles, this time as free Christians who choose to walk the path of faith as their fathers did; it is the time of redemption!
A prophetic sign: Philippe and Jany Reymond have chosen to be “first fruits” of the many more to come. God has placed on their hearts to be the flames of revival for the American Huguenot descendants; to carry the “blessing of the fathers”; to be used to reconnect [the sons and the fathers] and to “rebuild the ancient ruins.”
* Philippe is President of the AFADH and the initiator of this vision. Jany, a French Huguenot descendant, is a pastor.